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Angmagssalik Map

Angmagssalik is a town that is situated in the eastern part of the country of Greenland. This town, Angmagssalik by area is the largest town in the eastern part of this beautiful country.

There are lots of picturesque natural sceneries that are breathtakingly wonderful and attract a number of travelers. Angmagssalik is one of the tourist destinations in Greenland that is responsible for the growing tourism of this country.

Angmagssalik is a really beautiful town. It has all the natural beauties that a place can be blessed with. Angmagssalik is situated on the eastern coast of Greenland and is sheltered naturally. The sea is another source of decoration for this beautiful town. It has a river also that run through the town. This river on its course goes through a place that is named the Valley of Flowers which is again another beautiful travel destination in this eastern town of Greenland. The Valley of Flower gives the observers a good opportunity to be acquainted with the vegetation of this country. Moreover, the entire town is surrounded, as if protected by the majestic mountains that have sublime beauty in themselves.

Angmagssalik is a large town with a number of travel attractions and good accommodation facilities as well. It has very nice hotels that are favored by the tourists also. This beautiful town was established in the year of 1944 and on the highest place in this town there is cairn from where the town looks tremendously beautiful. To add to the beauty of this town there are a number of colorful houses made of wood that looks very charming.
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