Rheingau Germany

Rheingau is a well-known region of Germany (German: Deutschlandkarte). It is situated on the right hand side of the Rhine River. The region abounds in numerous castles and churches. It is also one of the major wine producing regions of the world.
The various towns and villages found in Rheingau are Assmannshausen, Wiesbaden, Oestrich, Bingen, Johannisberg, etc.

The Niederwald Monument is a major attraction of the Rheingau region that is located on a hill halfway between Rudesheim and Assmannshausen. This is basically a statue of Germania. It was built by Bismarck in the year of 1883 after German unification. One can easily reach this place by cable car from the towns of Rudesheim and Assmannshausen.

Another sightseeing spot of Rheingau is the small island of Mauseturm or the Mouse Tower. There are other important landmarks in this region of Germany. The vineyards of the Taunus hills grow some finest Rieslings. The names of some of the Rheingau wines are Schloss Vollrads, Kloster Eberbach and Schloss Johannisberg. The beauty of the place can be explored by cycling around in the region. The nature can be seen in its best from this place.

Rheingau of Germany seems to be an ideal place for the wine lovers.

Last Updated on: November 22nd, 2017