Sylt, Germany

Sylt is one of the oldest regions of Germany. The history of Sylt can be traced back in 3000 BC at Denghoog. But today it is mainly a tourist spot.

The island of Sylt lies in the extreme north of the country of Germany (German: Deutschlandkarte). The Sylt strand lies on the threshold of the North Sea. The length of the Sylt Germany is 35 kilometers while its breadth is 13 kilometers.

The total stretch of the Sylt island is 99 kilometers. This island of Sylt makes a part of the Frisian Islands. The tourists with an inherent love for beach and natural beauty prefer to visit the Sylt island in big numbers every year. The country of Denmark lies very close to Sylt in Germany.

The Sylt strand offers the ideal environment for the cyclists and hikers. Any part of the day is suitable for these adventure lovers to go for hiking or cycling. There are a few agencies who hire the equipments for cycling or hiking. They even guide the tourists with route maps.

The nature enthusiasts can spend hours on the beach and enjoy the sunbath. The blue enigmatic waters of the North Sea refresh the heart, body, soul and mind of the nature lovers. The tourists can also enjoy the ferry service to the nearby islands.

There are nearly 100 restaurants in Sylt, where the tourists can enjoy a luxurious stay and exotic dining.

The Sylt island can be reached conveniently by train from Niebuell in Germany. Few domestic flights also make to the island from the international airports of Germany.

Last Updated on: November 22nd, 2017