Mannheim Map

Mannheim City
Located in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Mannheim is one of Germany's 20 largest cities. The city comprises a population of around 295,000 people. According to the Forbes magazine, out of the top 15 most inventive cities of the world, Mannheim was ranked 11. Some of the best companies that have their headquarters in Mannheim include Roche, Caterpillar, Siemens, Daimler, IMB, among others.

How to reach Mannheim
Mannheim is noted for its excellent infrastructure and therefore getting to Mannheim or moving around is convenient. The airports located close to Mannheim include Frankfurt and Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. Upon arrival at the Frankfurt Airport, the best way to get to Mannheim is by train. The ICE high-speed will take you to Mannheim in 30 minutes. You can also opt for the bus which will get you to Mannheim in 60 to 90 minutes.

From the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, the shuttle bus is the best mode of transport to Mannheim main station. The bus will depart every three hours. However, do keep in mind that there is no train service at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport.

Popular attractions in Mannheim
The Luisenpark Mannheim is a fabulous park and a nice place to have a picnic. You can also visit the Old Observatory which was built between the years 1772 and 1774. Some other prominent places are Mannheim Baroque Palace, Market Square, Planetarium Mannheim, Tower Cafe & Cocktail Stars, among others.

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