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Western Sahara Flag

Flag of Western Sahara

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The ensign of Western Sahara is a blend of the Pan-Arab shades and insignias associated with the Islamic faith. It was initially assumed on February 27, 1976. It was subjected to minor alterations in June 1991.

The ensign features three parallel stripes - white, black, and green that symbolize the Pan-Arab colors.

The flag of Western Sahara or the Arab Republic of Saharawi was officially approved on February 27, 1976. The ensign comprises a red trigon, which is equal to 1/3rd of the height of the banner.

In the beginning, the ensign was the banner of the Polisario Front, comprising the shades green, black, red, and white. The whole layout of the ensign is like the banner of Palestine, however this was not intended. This ensign, amid various others, was originated from the shades utilized in the Arab Rebellion. The crescent and star are important signs of Islam and are found on banners of other nations that follow Islam, for instance Pakistan.

As soon as the nation achieves freedom through a popular vote and is globally accepted, the green color will move to the upper side and the black color will move to the base.

A formal layout of the SADR ensign was circulated by the SADR Administration in June 1987. The banner proportion is 1:2 and the height of the red trigon is one-third of the whole ensign.

Fact about Western Sahara flag

CountryWestern Sahara
Designed byNA
Adopted27. February 1976
Design and ColorsA black, white, and green horizontal tricolor charged with a red star and crescent in the center stripe and a red triangle at the hoist
Size Ratio1:2

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