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 Reunion Flag

Flag of Reunion

In spite of the fact that the colonial era used a variety of flags of urban France, Reunion has no official flag of its own. A flag has been suggested by the APDR (Association for the Reunion flag) with four colors - blue, golden, red, and green.
The Blue color stands for the inhabitants of the island with European descent, the sea, and Christianity
The red color signifies the residents of the island with Chinese descent, the volcano, and Chinese customs
The golden yellow shade symbolizes the natives of the island with Indian descent, the sun, and Hinduism
The green color stands for the inhabitants of the island with African descent, the natural world, and Islam.
Every inhabitant resides here in peace, accord, and forbearance, which is represented by the white disk.

A cultural flag has also been recommended with five colors - Red, black, blue, yellow, and green.

1) The red color stands for the volcanic beginning of the Reunion and the battle of culture activists for independence
2) The black color signifies the segment of the country's background associated with slavery and subjugation of settler France during that period on the territory
3) The yellow color stands for the sun
4) The green color stands for the flora of Reunion
5) The blue color represents the Indian Ocean and the sky

The mix of shades represents the multi-hued arc of multiplicity in unity in Reunion.

Since there is no official flag of Reunion, the French tricolor is flown on every important occasion. Different unofficial versions of flags are used in the territory.

The Vexillological Association of Reunion chose one ensign in 2003. The flag portrays the Fournaise volcano, adorned by golden rays of sunlight. The red color of the flag signifies the volcano and power, blue stands for lovability and the sky, and yellow represents clarity and the sun.

Since June 14, 2008, pro-independence supporters and autonomists in Reunion have designed their flag as well. This flag features three colors - yellow, green, and red. Green stands for the marronage, red represents the era of slave trade and treaties, and the yellow stands for the blue-collar people. The wide red band is particularly charged with a yellow five-pointed star.

Fact about Reunion flag

CountryReunion Island
Designed byNA
Adopted15. February 1794
Design and ColorsA vertical tricolour of blue, white, and red.
Size Ratio2:3

Last Updated On : August 29th, 2017

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