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Turnbull Replaces Abbott as Australia's PM - September 14, 2015

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Australia got a new prime minister on September 14 when Tony Abbott was dramatically ousted as leader of the Liberal Party by Malcolm Turnbull in a late night ballot. Abbott, whose popularity had been plunging, received 44 votes compared to Turnbull’s 54. Turnbull became Australia’s 29th prime minister and fourth leader since 2013. In his initial comments, he indicated that he did not expect a snap general poll. John Howard, who left office in 2007, is the last Australian prime minister to have served a full term. A cocky Abbott had dismissed the possibility of a leadership challenge as “Canberra gossip” only hours before the vote. Liberal MPs also voted for Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to remain the party’s deputy leader. Turnbull, a former investment banker who had served as minister for communications under prime minister Abbot before stepping down to launch a leadership contest, vowed to lead a “thoroughly Liberal government, committed to freedom, the individual and the market”. Turnbull had been leader of the Liberal Party in the opposition in 2008-09, but he narrowly lost a leadership challenge to Abbot. He is believed to be a proponent of gay marriage and action on climate change, which puts him at odds with many members of his centre-right Liberal Party. Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-34245005 Australia, prime minister, Tony Abbott, Liberal Party, Malcolm Turnbull, John Howard, Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, investment banker