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David Cameron wins second term as PM - May 8, 2015

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Prime Minister David Cameron led his Conservative party to a decisive victory in the UK general election. As the final results were announced on May 8, the extent of the Conservative victory became clear. The party won 331 seats in the 650-member House, comfortably above the 323 mark needed for a majority. Labour came a distant second with 232 seats, while the SNP won an impressive 56, sealing its domination in Scotland. The results were a huge blow to the Conservative’s ruling collation partner Liberal Democrats whose tally fell to single digits. Taking responsibility for his party’s poor showing, Labour leader Ed Miliband, who had fancied his chances of becoming prime minister, stepped down. In his second term as Prime Minister, Cameron can pursue his economic agenda more forcefully as he does not have to rely on smaller parties in the House of Commons. In a speech after his famous victory, he said: “The government I led did important work. It laid the foundations for a better future, and now we must build on them.” Source: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/dec/02/syria-airstrikes-mps-approve-uk-action-against-isis-after-marathon-debate Prime Minister, David Cameron, Conservative party, British general election, Labour, SNP, Scotland, Liberal Democrats, Labour leader, Ed Miliband