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Tagged as the youngest Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi's charismatic personality and promises have raised much hope and expectations in his people.

Born in Florence, Italy on 11 January 1975, Matteo Renzi became a part of the Italian People's Party in the year 1996. He was crowned as its Provincial Secretary in 1999. In the elections of 12 June 2004, he won 59% of the votes as candidate of center-left coalition, which earned him the title President of the Province of Florence. After a gap of five years, he decided to try his luck in becoming the Mayor of Florence.

Matteo Renzi went on to become the member of the Democratic Party and eventually on 9 June 2009, he won the mayoral election winning 48% of the votes. His contribution to the city as a mayor was commendable and this helped him gain immense popularity all over. In the 2013 general election, he sought to lead the center-left coalition, but lost the December election. After the resignation of Pier Luigi Bersani in April 2013, Matteo Renzi became the Secretary of the Democratic Party for the second time and was also declared the prospective candidate for Italy's Prime Minister.

On 17 February 2014, Matteo Renzi was formally ordered by President Giorgio Napolitano to produce a new government. He uncovered his cabinet comprising members of his Democratic Party, Union of the Center, New Center-Right, and Civic Choice on 21 February 2014 and on the following day he was declared the Prime Minister of Italy.

He has promised his people to improve the conditions of the job market and the unemployment rates. In addition, he has sought to improve the education and tax system therein. He promised "all the courage, commitment, energy, and enthusiasm of which I am capable". Matteo Renzi has been nicknamed "II Rottamatore" (the scrapper), owing to his decision to amend the entire political system of Italy that is widely inflicted with corruption.

According to BBC Rome correspondent Alan Johnston "He exudes a restless energy. He likes to pace the stage in black jeans and attends meetings in shirt sleeves. He travels around either in a small car or on a bicycle. He is relaxed and easy - fast and fluent as he speaks without notes, ranging across Italy's many problems, and offering broad-brush solutions".

All in all he is definitely here to bring about a revolutionary change in the political system of Italy.

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