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On October 29, Super storm Sandy charted a destructive course through the eastern coast of the US causing many deaths and much destruction in NYC, New Jersey and many eastern states. The death toll from Sandy in the US has been pegged at 125. This figure includes 60 people from the state of New York (48 of them in New York City), 34 people from the state of New Jersey, and 16 people from the state of Pennsylvania. Seven people died in the state of West Virginia due to the heavy snow from the storm. 71 people from the Caribbean lost their lives in the storm; this includes 54 people from Haiti.

After building up its fury through the Caribbean, Sandy caused the US a loss of over $62 billion. It has now been deemed the second-costliest storm in the US topped only by the 2005 wrecker - Hurricane Katrina. Katrina had caused $128 billion in damage (inflation-adjusted dollars). Super storm Sandy is estimated to have impacted 50 - 60 million people. Sandy damaged or destroyed more than 72,000 homes and businesses in New Jersey. In Cuba, between 130,000 to 200,000 homes were damaged by Sandy. The storm caused a record surge of seawater in New York City forcing the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq to close on Monday - the first unscheduled shutdown since 9/11.

Sandy was the eighteenth named storm and also the tenth hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season. It was a Category 2 storm at its peak intensity. In Haiti killed 54 people and 2 in the Dominican Republic. In Cuba, Sandy caused extensive flooding and damage. Over 15,000 homes were destroyed and 11 people lost their lives. In the Bahamas as well the hurricane caused much damage - killed two and caused an estimated damage worth $300 million. Two were killed in Canada.

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