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Top 10 New Year Resolutions

Top Ten New Year Resolutions : 
The start of every New Year brings with it a lot of celebrations, love, hopes and most importantly resolutions. Resolutions - promises we make to ourselves only to, more often than not, break them unceremoniously later. And the beginning of a year seems like the best time to turn over a new leaf and start afresh. Here is a list of the top ten resolutions that people make each year – whether they keep them is another matter : 

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  1. Lose weight - “Eat healthy and exercise regularly". Each year, especially after the giant Christmas binge-fest people start realizing that they need to start living healthier lifestyles. In fact, a lot of gyms offer promotional deals at the start of a year and it has been noted that the subscription and attendance rates increase by almost 60% each January, only to fall back to its normal amount by February.

  2. Drink less - Typically after the huge New year do, which you absolutely had to attend (because, everybody was going and you just had to) and the hellish morning after, with the horrifying memories of the embarrassing karaoke singing and the hangover headache, drinking less seems like the best idea ever. However, when you go back to work the next day or Saturday finally arrives, the “Best Idea Ever” turns into “Maybe Next Year” in a trice!

  3. Sign up for something new - The best part of starting something new is that it is always exciting and exhilarating. No matter what it be, learning a new language or taking cooking lessons, it always gives you something to look forward to.

  4. Quit smoking - This is what every smoker dreams of. Magically being rid of this life-consuming addiction and just wake up in the New Year, all healthy and cleansed. It is probably this hope which drives folks to make this particular resolution each year. And it is the lack of foresight to follow this through, which leads to only 15% of people sticking to the resolution even after 6 months.

  5. Better work-life balance - The continuing battle between work and personal life. Missing your kid's birthday because you had an important meeting. Or having your once in seven years vacation being cut short because the boss wants a report ASAP. They say that the minute your personal life goes down the drain it means you have started doing well at work. However, most of us do not want to make that sacrifice for, after all, what is the point of a career when you don’t have the time for your loved ones. Hence this particular resolution of maintaining a better work-life balance finds its way into the top ten resolutions.

  6. Volunteer - Making the world a better place is what we all dream of. And contributing to that effect is something we all hope to do. This is one resolution that people must keep for no matter how small our part, it still makes a difference. Spend time to teach an underprivileged child, be part of a neighborhood cleanliness drive, or get involved with a charity of your choice.

  7. Save more - By the end of each month, we are all faced with the greatest mystery of the world. Where did my paycheck go?? Take-outs, parties, and buying things that we don't need apparently. A lot of folks, in order to curb their spending habits take this resolution, which in a lot of cases lasts as well. Till the next sale that is.

  8. Organize - Your table at work, your in-tray, your room at the end of the day – cluttered? And, according to Feng Shui, so is your mind. So a lot people resolve to de-clutter and be more organized. For about two days. And then the clutter piles up and you're in a mess again...

  9. Read more - Who doesn’t want to sashay into a party or an art exhibit and talk at length about the books that they have recently read? Hence, the resolution to read more and increase your knowledge base. Widen your horizon. Push your intellectual boundaries. Or you know, wait for the movie version.

  10. Keep your resolutions - The most important, and perhaps the most common and necessary one, is the resolution to keep your resolution. If this is executed well, you'll nothing to worry about!

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Last Updated : November 28, 2014

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