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Top 10 Christmas Decorations

Top Ten Christmas Decorations : 

Christmas is all about being with your loved ones, feeding them with sumptuous Christmas food, giving them special gifts, and of course, decorating the house. For there is nothing that says Grinch louder or clearer than an undecorated house! Here we have some novel and simple ideas which would spread some good old holiday cheer. Check out our list of Top Ten Christmas Decorations.

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  1. Tree décor - The centrepiece of Christmas decorations lies in the Christmas tree. Ornaments, lights, tinsel streamers, candy canes, and an Angel dress up the tree. Also don't forget the presents kept under it.

  2. Wreath your entrance - Sublime and timeless, a wreath on your front door says welcome with an open heart. A simple green arrangement, adorned with bright red ribbons and maybe some lights for when it gets dark, is bound to make passers-by sit up and take notice and want to enter your door.

  3. Made up Mailbox - Dressing up the mailbox is a long standing tradition and a very effective way to wish anyone who walks past - a happy holiday. A square mailbox is topped of with a bouquet of winter flowers and plants. A wide, shallow vase is filled with water and colorful flowers, and placed on top of the mailbox.

  4. Light of the Lanterns - Christmas decorations have always had lanterns play an important role in them. Festive and pretty, they manage to cheer up any garden or window sill. For the sake of convenience and being tidy, many prefer to light candles in them.

  5. Handmade napkin rings - Holidays are the time of the year when family dinners are hosted and friends come over for feasts. Napkin rings made at home add that little value to the dinner table. Dried flowers glued onto ribbons are a popular choice.

  6. Stock the chimney - Hanging stockings by the chimney, waiting for Santa to come and fill them up with goodies is a long-standing Christmas tradition. Making it more special is to handcraft your own stocking, which also makes up for more quality time with the family.

  7. Tagged - Handmade and personalized gift tags make the entire process of gifting a little more personal and warm. The popular choices for this are card paper or old photo cut-outs.

  8. Snow globes - The spirit of Christmas is rightly conveyed through snow globes. The trend of scattering them around the house or arranging them on the mantle has come to be associated with the holiday season.

  9. Table decorations - The tradition of decorative centerpieces adorning the dinner or coffee table has become popular with people going extra elaborate in their creations.

  10. Mistletoe - Hanging a sprig of mistletoe over the doorway or in the centre of the room is an age- old tradition. As traditions go, this is rather interesting as two people standing under the mistletoe are required to kiss. Nothing says holiday like finding new love!

Last Updated : October 3, 2016
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