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Transport and Communication in Europe

  • Europe was the first continent to have railways and motorways.
  • Belgium, one of the smallest countries of Europe, has the world's densest rail network.
  • The busiest airport in Europe is Heathrow Airport (London, UK), followed by Charles de Gaulle Airport (Paris, France), Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Frankfurt Airport (Frankfurt, Germany), and Ataturk Airport (Istanbul, Turkey), in that order.
  • The TGV in France, and the LAV in Spain, are world-class high-speed rail networks in Europe.
  • The Channel Tunnel, or ‘Chunnel,’ that connects the UK with France, and the entire European rail system, was called one of the seven wonders of the modern world.
  • Paris Metro, Madrid Metro, and Moscow Metro, are some of the best metro systems in Europe.


A continent of great diversity, Europe takes pride in the assimilation of different languages, religions, and ethnicity. Most Europeans follow Christianity, with Western Europe being dominated by Roman Catholics, northern Europe by Protestants, and the southeastern Europe by Eastern Orthodox.

For language, Russian has the most speakers, followed by German. The European Union uses 20 official languages.


From Homer to Shakespeare, and George Orwell to Virginia Woolf, Europe's legacy of literary influence has been carried forward by generation of poets, dramatists, and novelists. With such an illustrious past, Europe has been the cradle of renowned musicians, filmmakers, painters, and architects. Over the last few millennia, the Renaissance, French Revolution, and Modernism, have shaped the political thinking of Europe, brought cultural and social enlightenment, and economic advancement.

Art and Architecture

European Art has evolved through a series of eras, each showing a particular style. Some of the most known artistic styles that have flourished in Europe are; Classical, Medieval, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Modern.

When it comes to European architecture, there are a great number of the Gothic churches and monuments spread across the continent. The bridges in Amsterdam, colossal Greek architecture in Athens, museums in Berlin, and churches in Rome and Paris are world renowned.


Soccer (football) is the most popular sport across Europe. From the UEFA Champions League to the Spanish La Liga, many of the top football clubs around the world compete at these prestigious sporting events. Rugby, Cricket, and Ice hockey, are other popular sports that nearly every European country participates in. Europe has also hosted several summer and winter Olympics events on multiple occasions.

Economy and Industry

Germany and France continue to drive the European economy. The United Kingdom has opted to exit the EU, but will continue to remain an active participant of the European economy.

Russia's economy is mainly driven by oil refining and defense manufacturing. Switzerland continues to be the focal country for banking and investment, followed by the UK, Germany, and France. With Brexit looming, London’s status as a financial hub is now being challenged by Frankfurt and Paris.

In the manufacturing sector, Germany, France, Italy, and Sweden lead the way in their respective areas of dominance. France, UK, Germany, and Russia remain dependent on a growing defense industry.

Interesting Facts about Europe

  • Europe covers 3.93 million square miles, and is approximately 8% of the Earth's surface.
  • Approximately 11% of the world's population lives in Europe.
  • Disneyland, in Paris, is considered the most visited place in the continent.
  • Thingvellir National Park of Iceland, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe, was home to the world's first democratic parliament.
  • The famous Statue of Liberty was constructed in France and given to the USA as a gift of friendship.
  • Mount Etna in southern Italy is Europe's largest active volcano. Know More Facts...

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