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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - March 16, 2016

Trump, Hillary on a high; Rubio bids adieu and Kasich gets a consolation

The Tuesday primaries, which were held in five states, claimed one more victim – Marco Rubio. The Florida senator, who was betting big on winning in his home state of Florida, was beaten hands down by rival Republican candidate Donald Trump. This defeat sealed Rubio’s fate who was forced to call it quits.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is marching ahead and it seems he is all set to grab presidential nominations. Of the five states that went to the polls, Donald Trump bagged four – Florida, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina, while John Kasich gained his first victory of the season by winning the Ohio primary.

Ted Cruz failed to win in any state but proved a formidable foe for Trump who literally scraped through in Missouri. As the final results were out, the margin between the two contenders was less than one-half of 1 percentage point.

But it was a tough night for Rubio, who not only fared badly but also lost his home state. Once considered a front-runner, Rubio had to bid a teary farewell to his presidential dream.

Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, it was a smooth sailing for Hillary Clinton who bagged all the five states. Bernie Sanders, who failed to pick a state, did prove a competitive rival to Hillary in Missouri where she won by a minuscule margin and in Illinois, where she won in a nail-biting finish.

With Rubio out, the contest has narrowed down to just two Republicans – Donald Trump and Ted Cruz – and two Democrats – Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The days to come will spring up new surprises in the race to the White House which is becoming exciting with each passing day.