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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - October 17, 2012

Supreme Court rejects Ohio early voting case

The Supreme Court on Tuesday dismissed Ohio's request to restrict early voting in the state.

The decision comes as a victory for President Barack Obama's campaign, which has had to fight Republican efforts to curtail in-person voting.

Ohio, a crucial battleground state for Obama and his Republican rival Mitt Romney, began early in-person voting earlier this month.

It had planned to cut it off on November 2 except for members of the military.

The Obama campaign, the Democratic National Committee and the Ohio Democratic Party had sued Ohio officials to restore early voting up until November 5, the eve of Election Day.

Republicans countered their efforts, claiming a cut off point was necessary in order to prevent voter fraud and ease the burden on election officials.

States that allow early voting and extended voting hours are seen to benefit Democratic candidates as lower-income people, who tend to vote for them, are more likely to work odd hours.

Early voting was key to Obama’s success in the 2008 election. Nearly a quarter of the 133 million people who voted that year had cast their ballots before Election Day.

According to previous polls, Democratic voters across several swing states are more likely than Republicans to vote ahead of time.