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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - March 2, 2016

Super Tuesday so far

The much-awaited Super Tuesday, which saw 11 states voting, is turning out to be quite an exciting race to the White House. So far, the results of more than half of the states have come in. In most of the state the results were expected. Both Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton are on top at the moment. Trump has achieved resounding victories in Arkansas, Virginia, Alabama, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Georgia. He was unable to make it to the top spot in Texas and Oklahoma where Ted Cruz emerged the victor.

Meanwhile, in the Democratic camp, Hillary Clinton was expected to do well and she scored big hits in six states – Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia with Oklahoma and Vermont going to Bernie Sanders. The results in Massachusetts are not yet out but available data shows that it is turning out to be a close contests between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Donald Trump, who is campaigning in Florida, which will see voting later this month, described himself as a unifier. Referring to the high turnout, Trump said that he had expanded the Republican party.

Meanwhile Ted Cruz, the Senator of Texas, has urged his rivals to drop out of the race. His contention is that this would help him effectively contend Donald Trump’s lead.