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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - March 2, 2016

Super Tuesday for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump

It was a super duper Tuesday for both Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. Both the front-runners pulled off spectacular victories winning in seven states each.

As the dust settled and the picture became a little clearer, one could easily see that Hillary Clinton had dominated the elections from the Democratic side. She beat Bernie Sanders by 7 to 4 and won the states of Virginia and Georgia by landslide margins. Pre-poll survey had projected Clinton to win in Arkansas where she was the first lady for around 12 years. She also outdid Sanders by winning in southern states where the black voters dominate the primaries. Though there are still a few months to go before the November 8 elections, Hillary is already on a roll.

While Hillary Clinton was winning one state after the other, Donald Trump, too, was performing the same feat on the Republican side. The republican won seven out of 11, a marvelous feat.

Ted Cruz managed to win just two states – Texas and Oklahoma. But Texas forms a crucial victory as it is not only his home state but a double-digit win has also given him a fraction of the biggest delegate prize of the night. However, as the race is narrowing down it can be seen as Trump vs. Cruz on the Republican side. This can be seen in a message where Cruz called on the Republicans to unite behind him to stop Trump.

Marco Rubio has only been able to score one victory – Minnesota, while Democrat Bernie Sanders four. However, the Super Tuesday results show that he has not been able to make much inroads with African-American voters.