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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - March 4, 2016

Summary of Republican Debate - March 3

US presidential debate: Rivals attack Donald Trump

The US Presidential debate held in Detroit witnessed heated exchange of words between Republican candidates vying for presidential nominations. The debate witnessed Donald Trump’s rivals launching a vicious attack on the billionaire businessman. Just a day before the party veterans had called upon voters to desert Trump, who was mainly on the defensive in the debate as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio piled in. The senior Republicans contention is that Donald Trump is a liability and would lose the elections.

The debate was hosted by Fox News and started with a straightforward question about an attack on Trump earlier in the day by the 2012 nominee Mitt Romney. He had accused Trump of Greed, bullying and misogyny, who hit back dismissing Romney as a failed candidate. In the debate, Trump, who is harping on bringing back jobs from other countries, promised that he would move his clothing manufacture back to the US from China.

The debate also witnessed some strange moments where Donald Trump defended the size of his hands. He also talked about another part of his anatomy. He also heaped plenty of insults on his rivals, calling Marco “little Rubio” and Cruz “liar Ted”.