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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - February 28, 2016

South Carolina Democratic Primary: Looking at the Results

As Hillary Clinton secured her third victory of the campaign by winning the South Carolina Primary, her presidential candidature received a shot in the arm ahead of the crucial Super Tuesday on March 1. Earlier, she had captured the Nevada caucuses and Iowa caucuses.

What Did Hillary Clinton Have to Say?

During her victory speech in Columbia, Clinton acknowledged the people’s support and urged them to stand together because then “there is no barrier too big to break." she said. She also announced that her campaign will go national from Sunday.  

Sanders’s Reactions to Defeat

Accepting the defeat in the primary with grace, Sanders said that his campaign is just beginning. He also reminded the people of the US that he had won a decisive victory in New Hampshire and he is all ready for the Super Tuesday."

How symbolic was the victory of Hillary Clinton?

It is worth noting that South Carolina Democratic primary voters were mostly African-American. Clinton’s victory indicates that she has won the support of more than four out of five African-Americans. Analysts are of the opinion that South Carolina voters are moderates and they prefer a candidate with experience in politics rather than someone who is a rank "outsider."