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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - August 28, 2012

South Carolina defends voter ID law in court

South Carolina defended its new voter-identification law in federal court on Monday, maintaining that the requirement for all voters show a form of photo ID prevents fraud without discriminating against black voters.

The Obama administration blocked the law in December in a bid to prevent a series of laws passed by Republican-controlled states that require voters to show certain forms of photo ID at the polls.

The federal government says the state laws would make voting more difficult for blacks, who are less likely than whites to have the required forms of photo ID. They are also more likely to vote for Democrats.

South Carolina's legislature argued it passed the identification law last year to prevent people from posing under a fake identity when going to the polls as well as to inspire confidence in the integrity of elections.

The hearings are expected to carry on for a further four days. A decision is likely to be made before the November 6 national election.