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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - March 2, 2016

Round up of Super Tuesday for Republicans

Total States that voted today: 11

Total delegates to be won: 1,237

Super Tuesday results for Republican Candidates

Trump: Won in 7 states - Georgia, Virginia, Massachusetts, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas and Vermont

Delegates support: 285

Ted Cruz: Won in 3 states - Texas, Oklahoma and Alaska

Delegates support: 161

Marco Rubio: Won in 1 state – Minnesota

Delegates support: 87

John Kasich: 25

Ben Carson: 8

Super Tuesday turned out to be quite super for the Trump camp as Donald Trump extended his lead over his three main rivals – Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich. With 7 states in the kitty, Trump gleefully watched the other three put pressure on each other to see who blinks out of the race first.

Having won 3 states, including his home state – Texas – Ted Cruz has emerged as the best candidate to take on Trump as the fight moves to Michigan, before the next ‘big day’ on March 15.

Interestingly, Rubio, who managed to win Minnesota, blamed Kasich of splitting votes, as he lost to Trump in Virginia by a narrow 2.8% margin. In fact, pressure is already beginning to mount on Kasich, Rubio and Ben Carson to drop out of the race, so that Cruz may stand a better chance against Trump in the coming contests.

The problem for Republicans is that while there is a large segment that opposes Trump’s nomination for President, not many in the party favor Cruz as the alternative. All three – Rubio, Kasich and Carson are refusing to give in – at least not just yet.

Meanwhile, a confident Trump has been calling on all three to drop out of the contest and unify to make his fight a stronger one in the upcoming race.