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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - November 2, 2012

Romney to make unexpected campaign visit to Pennsylvania

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is to campaign in Pennsylvania on Sunday in a bid to take advantage of a possible win over President Barack Obama in the traditionally Democratic state.

Campaign aides said the visit would likely take place in the southeastern portion of the state.

Romney had previously limited campaign stops in Pennsylvania as it appeared Obama had the state locked up. However, recent polls have indicated Romney closing in on the gap.

According to political analysts, there are two potential reasons behind the visit to Pennsylvania.

If Romney were to win in the state, it could provide a buffer for him should he lose Ohio, a key swing state where Obama has maintained a marginal lead in the polls.

Winning Pennsylvania could also result in Romney winning the 270 electoral votes required for victory. He currently has narrow chance of winning the presidency, which is heavily reliant on taking battleground states like Virginia, Florida and North Carolina where the two men are essentially tied.