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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - September 6, 2012

Romney slams Obama over increasing debt and food stamp record

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney slammed President Barack Obama over the increasing size of the national debt and the record number of Americans on food stamps.

Speaking on the eve of a major speech by his Democratic rival, Romney said "two big numbers out this week" prove that Americans are worse off than when Obama took office in 2009.

"We've gone from $10 trillion that the president inherited from all prior presidents to $16 trillion," Romney told reporters in the swing state of New Hampshire.

His comments come after the Treasury Department announced earlier in the week that the public debt had surpassed $16 trillion.

"The other number's 47. Forty-seven million now on food stamps. When he came to office there were 32 million. He's added 15 million people," Romney said.

That statement was in reference to an Agriculture Department report released on Tuesday that highlighted the number of people on food stamps had risen to a record high of 46.7 million in June.

Romney has stayed off the campaign trail this week, choosing to prepare for presidential debates while the Democrats stage their national convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.