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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - September 20, 2012

Romney ramps up campaign in battleground states

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is set to ramp up the pace of his campaign events in battleground states as he attempts to bounce back from a difficult week.

Internal party disputes and a secretly filmed video that shows Romney slating nearly half the voting public will see Romney boost his schedule for the last seven weeks of campaigning.

According to opinion polls, Obama has maintained a narrow lead ahead of the November 6 election, with some Republicans complained that Romney is not campaigning enough.

Romney aides said he now hold three public events on some days, which is a normal in the final stretch to Election Day but for Romney will be a significant increase.

Romney will take part in a three-day bus tour of Ohio next week along with his vice presidential running mate, Paul Ryan.

In retiree-heavy Florida, Romney will set out to reassure seniors that his budget-cutting proposals will not affect their retirement benefits.

He will also defend plans championed by Ryan to change the Medicare health insurance plan for seniors.

With 17.6 percent of Florida’s population over the age of 65, more than four percentage points over the national average, the Medicare issue has emerged as a winner for the Obama campaign in the crucial swing state.

It will be difficult for Romney to win the White House without victory in both Ohio and Florida.