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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - October 16, 2012

Romney raised $170 million in September

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney raised $170.5 million in September, his campaign announced on Monday.

The figure trails behind the 2012 fundraising record set last month by Democratic incumbent President Barack Obama.

Obama and the Democratic National Committee raised $181 million in September, the best so far in the most expensive presidential election campaign in American history.

September marked the second month in a row in which the Democrats raised more money than Romney's team, who had the led in the previous three months.

Republicans began October with $191.2 million in cash on hand to be spent on advertising, staff, offices and campaign rallies ahead of the November 6 election.

With just weeks to go until Election Day, both camps have ramped up efforts to continue to raise funds.

"Americans can't afford four more years like the last four," Spencer Zwick, Romney's finance chairman, said in a statement.

"With less than one month left, we will continue the hard work of raising the resources to ensure that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan can win in November and bring real change to the American people."

Meanwhile in an email to supporters on Monday, Obama said: "This race is tied. What we do over the next 22 days will determine not just the next four years, but what this country looks like for decades to come."

The Romney camp has been heavily dependent on wealthy supporters compared to the Obama campaign, which has relied primarily on smaller contributions.