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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - September 9, 2012

Romney looks to appeal to white male voters at NASCAR race

Mitt Romney set out to appeal to white male voters on Saturday at a NASCAR race in Virginia but rain forced him to put the brakes on his plan.

The Republican presidential candidate is targeting white male voters in a swing state where early voting for the November 6 elections kicks off in two weeks.

Romney joined Republican Virginia Senate candidate George Allen in serving hotdogs to fans at the Richmond International Raceway with hundreds passing through asking for autographs and offering Romney their support.

This is Romney second attempt to appeal to voters at such an event.

Earlier this year, Romney struggled to connect with blue-collar NASCAR fans at the Daytona 500 event when he said he had "some friends who are NASCAR team owners."

The comment led many to say the former private equity executive was out of touch with ordinary voters.

Romney needs to win among white men by a significant majority to offset the advantage that President Barack Obama enjoys with women as well as black and Hispanic voters.