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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - November 1, 2012

Romney holds back on attacks against Obama as northeast recovers from Sandy

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney curbed his usual attacks on President Barack Obama on Wednesday as his campaign set out to offer a more optimistic message in the wake of superstorm Sandy.

As Obama traveled to New Jersey to assess the damage with Republican Governor Chris Christie, Romney headed back on the campaign trail in Florida, the most populous swing state where polls indicate he holds a marginal lead.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio and former Governor Jeb Bush, two of the most important politicians in the state, joined him at a rally in a Tampa airport hangar.

Romney, who canceled political events earlier this week due to Sandy, urged Florida voters to continue sending donations to the Red Cross to assist victims.

He pushed his message of unity forward by saying his election next Tuesday would be an example of Americans coming together.

"We come together at times like these. Now people coming together is what's also going to happen on November 7," he said, referring to the day after the election.

Though Romney did not mention Obama by name in his comments, he said electing a Republican would bring change.

"My view is pretty straightforward. I believe this is a time for America to take a different course, that this should be a turning point for our country," he said.