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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - February 26, 2016

Republican Debate: Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz attack Donald Trump

The last Republican debate before a series of primaries witnessed Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, Republican presidential candidates, clobbering rival Donald Trump. Perhaps for the first time, Donald Trump was seen to be under pressure when both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz launched attacks on front-on Trump to bring him down before Super Tuesday

Some of the issues that dominated the debate included healthcare, immigration and outreach to Latino voters. 

Like the previous debates, this one too witnessed long periods of personal insults and shouting.

Marco Rubio criticized Trump University, a failed online venture. He also came down heavily on Trump for hiring foreign workers in his construction projects instead of Americans.

In reply, Donald Trump said, "I hired tens of thousands of people. You've hired nobody."

According to many, the real Marco Rubio finally showed up at the last debate. He also attacked Trump for taking an anti-Israel position, to which Trump said that he was just a "negotiator."

Ted Cruz also tried to corner the frontrunner by urging the people to judge candidates by looking at  their "record before they were a candidate for president."