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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - May 11, 2016

Primary and Caucus of Republican

Donald Trump wins Nebraska primary

Donald Trump has won the Nebraska Republican presidential primary. This is his second victory in Tuesday’s elections. Trump had earlier won the West Virginia primary.

Donald Trump wins West Virginia Republican primary

With polls closed in West Virginia, reports predict that Donald Trump has won the Republican primary. According to exit polls, GOP voters have a positive view of Donald Trump’s presidency. This is the reason why he has easily won in the state.

Trump wins Indiana Republican Primary

Donald Trump snatched a victory in Indiana today, leaving Ted Cruz and John Kasich in second and third place respectively. According to reports, he has bagged most of the 57 delegates, which makes it relatively easy for him to become the Republican nominee.

Donald Trump links Ted Cruz’s father to Lee Harvey Oswald

Donald Trump, the Republican frontrunner, has linked Ted Cruz’s father to Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin of John F Kennedy. Trump was referring to a story in National Enquirer that said Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, was with Oswald before he shot President Kennedy in 1963. Donald Trump said of Cruz’s father as to what he was doing with Oswald shortly before the shooting. Meanwhile, Cruz’s campaign has lambasted Trump calling his allegations detached from reality.

Ted Cruz holds rally in Indiana

Prior to the primaries in Indiana, Republican Ted Cruz held a rally at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Cruz was joined by Carly Fiorina, who he said would be his running mate if he were to win the Republican presidential nominations. Cruz was also supported by TV personality Glenn Beck.

Donald Trump has clear advantage in Indiana primaries

Polls indicate that Republican frontrunner has a clear advantage in the Indiana primaries over rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich. This will be a serious setback for the coalition of Republicans opposed to Trump’s candidacy as it would be a step forward in the billionaire businessman endeavor to seal the Republican nomination. Though rival Ted Cruz has abandoned all hopes to overtake Trump but is still aiming to throw the nominating fight to a contested convention in July.  

Donald Trump says he is presumptive nominee

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, who swept all five states in the primaries held on Tuesday, said that he now considered himself the presumptive nominee. The teaming up of Ted Cruz and John Kasich failed to have any impact and a victorious Trump suggested that they both should get out of the race as they had no paths. Trump’s margin of victory in each of the five states appeared to be much larger that in New York, his home state.

Donald Trump sweeps all five states

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has swept all the five states that held their primaries on April 26. Trump bagged all the five states of Delaware, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maryland. This has brought Trump closer to winning the Republican presidential nomination. 

Ted Cruz challenges Donald Trump to debate in Indiana

At a rally held on Monday evening at the Johnson County Fairgrounds in Franklin Republican candidate Ted Cruz challenged rival Donald Trump to debate in Indiana.

Kasich holds rally in Maryland

John Kasich, the Governor of Ohio, returned to Maryland on Monday for last-minute campaigning. The state will hold its primary on April 26. As per reports, Kasich stopped in Rockville and spoke to voters. The Republican candidate commented that he had the hope, solutions as well as the record to fix the problems of the country.

Polls indicate Donald Trump leading in Connecticut

Latest figures show that Trump is well ahead of his rivals – Ted Cruz and John Kasich – in Connecticut, which will award 28 delegates to the Republicans. According to a poll by the Qunnipiac University, Trump is ahead with 48 percent of the GOP vote. John Kasich has 28 percent, while Ted Cruz has 19 percent of the vote.

New York Primary: Donald Trump’s vigorous campaigns across state yield result

New York Republicans rallied behind Donald Trump on Tuesday, which was seen as a direct result of his vigorous campaigns. Going by the exit polls analysis, he received vote from nearly every demographic group across the state. With this win, Trump improved his chances of winning the Republican nomination.

New York Primary Results: Donald Trump projected Winner

As Donald Trump took a major lead in New York Primary polls, most media houses have projected him as the winner. After 34% reporting, he was well ahead of his closest rival, Ted Cruz. While Trump had secured 63% votes, Cruz was far behind with only 14% votes.

New York Primary Results: Ted Cruz trails behind Donald Trump after 12% reporting

Donald Trump finds himself comfortable ahead of his rival Ted Cruz in the race to grab 95 delegates as he has reportedly got 69% votes as against 12% of Ted Cruz.

Republican Candidates Avoid Expensive Ads Ahead of New York Primary

Republican candidates didn’t find much merit in spending on ads ahead of the crucial primary in New York. They decided not to try the expensive New York media market with Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and their supporters spending less than $1.2 million on ads. In fact, Trump didn’t spend any money on ads.

New York Republican Primary: Conservative voters reveal their support for Trump

More than 50% of New York Republican voters, who consider themselves conservative, have indicated their support for Donald Trump. Exit polls reveal that at least six out of 10 primary voters want the next US president to hail from outside the political establishment.


New York Republican Primary: Trump eyeing at least 85 delegates to get closer to 1,237

If Trump has to get 1,237 delegates and avoid a contested convention in Cleveland, he should be eyeing to take 85 of 95 delegates at stake in New York primary. Ted Cruz, who is trailing behind him with 558 delegates, will try to restrict Trump, at least in Manhattan.


Donald Trump campaign gave Breitbart News national security editor $8,000 for policy consulting

Buzzfeed has reported that Donald Trump's campaign had given last year the national security editor of Breitbart News Sebastian Gorka $8,000 for policy consulting. The revelation came amidst reports that during the 2016 presidential race, the news site had developed a strong relationship with the Trump campaign. 


Donald Trump's son takes swipe at Republican Party establishment

Donald Trump's son has criticized the Republican Party establishment. Donald Trump Jr, who voted for his father in midtown Manhattan, said that the nomination rules made sense 200 years ago. The 38-year-old businessman was accompanied by his wife, vanessa, and his daughter Chloe. 

Ted Cruz bribing delegates, says Trump camp

Donald Trump's camp has accused rival Ted Cruz of bribing delegates. Tana Goertz, Iowa co-chair for the Trump campaign and a former contestant on The Apprentice, has said that she has seen with her own eyes Cruz bribing delegates.

New York representative Peter King says will take cyanide if Ted Cruz gets nomination

Peter King, the New York representative, said that in case Ted Cruz gets the nomination, he will take cyanide. Though King has supported call for surveillance of mosques in the United States; however, he has been critical of Donald's statement calling for a ban on Muslim immigrants.  


Rudy Giuliani endorses Donald Trump

Rudy Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York, has admitted that he is endorsing Donald Trump. Giuliani had earlier stated that he would be voting for Donald Trump; however, this was not an endorsement.

Trump chances at an all time high

As New York state heads to the polls today, chances are high that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump will win the primaries. But, the other two candidates - John Kasich and Ted Cruz - would try hard to keep Trump's share of the vote below 50.  


New York Primary election begins; Republicans look to win 95 delegates

New York City and other counties have started to queue up in polling booths as the Primary Election gets underway. The voting began at 6 am for some of the counties – Erie, Nassau, Putnam, Rockland, and Suffolk. Both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz would look to bag all the 95 delegates to boost ther chances.


Ted Cruz wins Wisconsin Republican presidential primary

Ted Cruz has won the Wisconsin Republican presidential primary. This has dealt a huge blow to Donald Trump who will now find it tough to amass the delegates required for the Republican Party’s nomination ahead of the July convention.

A win in Wisconsin crucial for Sanders and Cruz

The Wisconsin contest is crucial for both Democrat Bernie Sanders as well as Republican Ted Cruz. If Bernie Sanders managers to win defeat Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin, it would help him in closing his delegate deficit and would also provide him new momentum. For Ted Cruz a win is his chance to put a halt to Donald Trump’s race to the nomination.

Wisconsin primary: Donald Trump tries to rally supporters

Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner, tried to rally his supporters on Monday ahead of an important nominating contest in the state of Wisconsin. As per opinion polls, Donald Trump is trailing to rival Ted Cruz in the state. A loss in the state would make it harder for Trump to win the 1,237 delegates needed for the party’s nomination for the elections on November 8.