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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - May 10, 2016

Primary and Caucus of Democrats

Polls open: Low voting reported early morning in Omaha

Voter turnout was low when polling started in Omaha at eight in the morning. At McMahon Hall only five people waited for poll workers to open at eight while at Bethany Lutheran Church only 15 people had cast their ballots by 8.15 am.

Bernie Sanders poised for another primary win in West VirginiaAccording to the latest opinion polls, the Democratic voters in West Virginia are likely to choose Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton on Tuesday's primary. All the 37 delegates are likely to go  to Sanders. However, the victory in West Virginia is unlikely to be enough to help him stay in the race. While Clinton has 1,705 pledged delegates to her name, Sanders is lagging behind by almost 300 delegates as his count is 1,415.    

Hillary Clinton wins Guam Democratic Caucus

Hillary Clinton edged past her rival, Bernie Sanders, with an impressive win in Guam caucus on Saturday. After the polling ended at 8 pm local time, the trends started to indicate a victory for the Democrats front-runner. Sanders, who is already behind Clinton, was pinning hopes on the seven pledged delegates.

Sanders wins Indiana Democratic Primary

Senator Bernie Sanders scripted major upset in Indiana after he edged past Hillary Clinton to win the Indiana primary. It has always been a close fight between the two democratic candidates ever since the reporting had begun. With this win, Sanders’ hope of becoming the nominee remains alive.

Polls show Clinton leading Sanders by small margin

Six polls show Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders in the Democratic race but by a small margin. The HuffPost Pollster average shows Clinton leading Sanders by 7 percentage points taking 51 percent to his 44 percent. 

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in tight race

Reports suggest that Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders appear to be in a tight race in Indiana which will hold its primary today. Bernie Sanders needs a win in Indiana to stay competitive in the race to the Democratic presidential nominations. Indiana’s 92 delegates are at stake on Tuesday.  

Hillary Clinton wins in Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania, Bernie Sanders wins in Rhode Island

It was a big day for Hillary Clinton as she won the Democratic primary in Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania in Tuesday’s voting across five Atlantic states. Meanwhile, rival Bernie Sanders has won the Rhode Island primary.

Hillary all set to win five state primaries, say opinion polls

According to latest opinion polls, Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton is all set to win the five state primaries on April 26. With this victory, Hillary Clinton would move several steps closer to getting the party’s nomination for the presidential elections to be held in November. So far, Hillary Clinton has won 1,428 delegates, while Sanders follows closely behind with 1,153 delegates.

Hillary Clinton campaigns in Delaware

Just a day ahead of Delaware’s Primary on April 26, Hillary Clinton has called upon voters in the state to support her run for the Democratic National Committee’s candidacy. Addressing the crowd at World Live Café in Wilmington, Hillary spoke on a number of issues including healthcare, gun control and affordable education.

Hillary Clinton to watch Pennsylvania primary results from Philadelphia

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton will watch the Pennsylvania primary results to be held on April 26 from Philadelphia. As per reports, Pennsylvania, which will send 210 delegates to the Democratic National Convention, is the biggest of the five states which will be holding primaries on April 26. According to opinion polls, Clinton is likely to win the Pennsylvania primary.  

New York Primary: Focused Approach Pays Off for Hillary Clinton

While Sanders’s couldn’t get past Clinton despite spending almost double than what she had paid on ads, Clinton's strategy of holding dozens of events in small venues across the state seems to have worked. Exit polls had indicated that the New York Democrats found Clinton more "inspiring" and a stronger candidate than Sanders.

Hillary Clinton wins big in New York Primary

Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton gave a huge blow to Bernie Sanders by defeating him in New York primary. She put an end to Sanders's winning streak.  By winning New York, she secured her first victory since Arizona on March 22.

New York Democratic Primary: Sanders spends $3 million more than Clinton on ads

The fact that Bernie Sanders has been trying to go all out in securing a victory in New York primary became evident with the reports claiming that the Vermont Senator outspent Hillary Clinton team when it comes to ad spending. Team Sanders has pumped in $6.8 million, which is $3 million more than what Clinton has spent.

New York Democratic Primary: Exit Polls Put Clinton Ahead of Sanders

New York Democratic voters seem to have tilted in favour of Hillary Clinton as the exit polls reveal that at least 70% of voters expect Clinton to be the Democratic nominee. Moreover, Clinton is well ahead of Senator Bernie Sanders when it comes to people’s view on who has a better chance to beat Republican front-runner Donald Trump in November.

New York Primary: 125,000 Democratic voters not allowed to vote; Sanders unhappy

According to reports, names of Brooklyn borough residents were purged from voting rolls. In fact, more than 125,000 Democratic voters were removed from the rolls in Brooklyn. Bernie Sanders rued the fact by saying that he has likely lost thousands of votes because independent voters weren’t allowed to cast ballots in the closed contest.

Democratic candidates dominated television airwaves

Ahead of the New York primary, Democratic candidates dominated television airwaves. Reports suggest that of the $10.7 million spent on cable, broadcast and satellite television ads in New York, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were responsible for nearly $9.2 million. 

Ezra Koeing criticizes New York primary

Ezra Koeing, Bernie Sanders campaign surrogate, has criticized the New York primary. Even before the voting has been completed, Koeing has declared the New York Democratic Primary results as fraudulent. 

Bernie Sanders is roughly even with Hillary Clinton among Hispanics

A poll has suggested that though Bernie Sanders is struggling hard to gain traction among the minority voters of the country; however, he appears to be more or less even with Hillary Clinton among Hispanics across the country. Though New York has the largest Hispanic population in the country at a staggering 3.7 million but reports suggest that the community is unlikely to dramatically affect the New York primary vote. 

Sanders turns his attention to Pennsylvania

With New Yorkers casting their votes, Bernie Sanders has already turned his attention to Pennsylvania, which would head to polls on April 26. At a rally at the Bayfront Convention Center in Erie, Pa, Sanders said that he was going to win in Pennsylvania. Sanders also called upon the people to come out in large numbers and break the record for voter turnout in the state primary.

Mayor of New York expresses surprise at drop in registered democrats

The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, has expressed his surprise at a drop in registered democrats. He has asked the New York City Board of Elections to find out that since last fall why more than 63,000 registered Democrats were dropped from the voting rolls.

Bernie Sanders supporters hope New York Primary is declared open

Supporters of Bernie Sanders are keeping their fingers crossed that a New York federal judge would make a last minute decision and open the state's primary to independents as well as Republicans. This development would help Sanders win additional votes. New York primary is a closed one; however, a voting rights group, Election Justice USA had on Monday filed a lawsuit which claimed that many people had erroneously been purged from the rolls. 

Voter agrees with Sanders's views on income inequality

Though polls may suggest that Hillary Clinton is likely to win the New York primaries; however, rival Bernie Sanders also has quite a few supporters and one of them is an emergency room doctor, Michael Griesinger. The doctor agrees with Sanders on a number of issues, one of which is income inequality.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders criticizes New York's closed primary

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has criticized New York's closed primary. Though Sanders did say that he was optimistic about the primary; however, he was critical of the fact that millions of independent voters will not be able to vote in the crucial primary. Sanders campaigned throughout the state, but reports suggest that he is unlikely to win the New York State primary.

New York Primary gets underway; 291 delegates at stake for Democrats

New York Primary Election gets underway in New York City as well as Erie, Nassau, Putnam, Rockland, and Suffolk counties with 291 delegates in play for Democrats. It is to be seen whether U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders's ability to draw crowds can convert into success at the polls?


Bernie Sanders wins Wyoming Democratic Caucus

2016-04-09 20:41:25 -

After an unexpectedly close fight with rival Hillary Clinton, Senator Bernie Sanders went past her in the crucial Wyoming Democratic caucus. It will give his morale and campaign a great boost ahead of the New York Primary.

Wyoming Caucus: Bernie Sanders leads in 10 counties

2016-04-09 19:54:56 - Senator Sanders has taken a lead over Hillary Clinton as per the reports received from 10 out of 23 counties.

Wyoming Democratic Caucus: Contest between Clinton, Sanders likely to be close

2016-04-09 19:42:18 - Although initial reporting suggested that Bernie Sanders is ahead of Hillary Clinton in 10 out of 23 counties, there’s a feeling that the contest is going to be closer than most people had expected. Despite Sanders being a favorite to win, the surge in support for Hillary is also something that needs to be factored in.

Wyoming Democratic Caucus: Bernie Sanders Eyes Victory

2016-04-09 15:47:09 - Bernie Sanders would look to collect all the delegates by defeating his rival, Hillary Clinton in today’s caucus. Experts have already predicted a victory for Bernie Sanders, which would add to the momentum in Sanders’s campaign. The turnout is expected to be as big as it was in 2008. The voters need to be in line by 11 AM

Democratic Caucuses: Clinton loses Hawaii; Sanders gets triple wins

2016-03-27 07:59:28 - After winning Alaska and Washington caucuses by a convincing margin, Bernie Sanders completed the rout by defeating Hillary Clinton in Hawaii presidential caucus. Out of 32,906 votes, Sanders got 22,661 (70.6%) and Clinton got 9,377 votes only (29.2%).

Hawaii caucus: Huge turnout creates problems at polling stations

2016-03-27 07:48:46 - Voting in Saturday's Democratic caucus suffered some hiccups with some polling stations receiving unexpected crowd and running short of ballot papers. Problems were reported at several polling stations. The results could not be released on the earlier promised time. Hawaii Democratic Party officials said that the huge turnout was reminiscent of the caucuses held in 2008.

Bernie Sanders clinches two important wins in Alaska and Washington Caucuses

2016-03-27 00:56:41 - In a major boost to Bernie Sanders, the presidential front-runner bagged 117 pledged delegates by winning both Alaska and Washington State caucuses. Bernie Sanders registered a thumping victory in Alaska with 80% votes going in his favor. In Washington too, he surpassed Hillary Clinton by 72% to 28 %.

Democratic caucuses: Bernie Sanders projected to win Alaska, Washington

2016-03-27 00:46:11 - According to a renowned news service, Bernie Sanders is expected to win the Democratic caucuses in Washington State and Alaska. While 101 pledged delegates are up for grabs in Washington, the figure is 16 in Alaska.

Bernie Sanders wins Idaho’s Democratic caucuses

2016-03-23 06:37:40 - Bernie Sanders scored another victory. The Democrat won the Idaho’s Democratic caucuses. With these victories he has ended a streak of defeats to his rival Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders wins Utah’s Democratic caucuses

2016-03-23 05:45:40 - Bernie Sanders has won Utah’s Democratic caucuses. As per reports, though Hillary Clinton has already built a huge lead over Sanders in the race to the party’s presidential nomination, but this win would help him end a series of defeats to his rival.

Hillary Clintons criticizes GOP candidates on national security

2016-03-23 05:09:18 - Hillary Clinton criticized the Republicans saying that they would make the country less safe. As per reports, she blasted the leading Republican candidates for their proposals on national security. Some of these proposals include scrutinizing Muslim neighborhoods, barring them from the country and scaling back the involvement of the United States in international alliances.

Hillary Clinton wins Arizona Democratic primary

2016-03-23 04:17:08 - Hillary Clinton has won the Arizona Democratic primary. With this win, Hillary Clinton has widened her lead over her rival Bernie Sanders. As per reports, Arizona was one of the most important states with 75 of the state’s 85 delegates at stake.

Idaho Democratic caucus expected to witness huge crowds

2016-03-23 01:07:03 - Democratic Party leaders in Idaho are looking for a repeat of the 2008 caucus that witnessed a large turnout. But it seems that in 2016, Idaho will once again witness huge crowds. As per media reports, in a bid to accommodate the large crowds, Idaho’s four most populated counties had to make last minute changes to add new caucus venues or expand the ones that already exist. Some young voters are also looking forward to their first voting experience.

Hillary Clinton aiming to increase her lead

2016-03-22 17:15:46 - As the 2016 presidential race heads West on Tuesday, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton is aiming to increase her lead over her rival Bernie Sanders. Reports suggest that as Hillary Clinton would be looking to increase her lead, Bernie Sanders would be looking forward to reverse the situation. Sanders trails Clinton by more than 300 pledged delegates. However, the Vermont senator has targeted the Tuesday primaries and caucuses as the beginning of a comeback tour.

Democratic Primary: Clinton Edges Past Sanders in Missouri in a Close Battle

2016-03-16 08:32:25 - Hillary Clinton earned a had-fought victory in Missouri as Bernie Sanders was giving a tough competition all through the counting. With the win in Missouri primary, Clinton sweeped all three Midwestern primaries and widened the gap with Bernie Sanders. 

Democratic Primary: Hillary Clinton wins Illinois

2016-03-16 06:19:29 - Hillary Clinton secured a comfortable win. The Secretary of State increased the lead in the last leg of reporting as she edged past Bernie Sanders in this crucial primary. She has been leading the Illinois primary since the counting of votes began. While Clinton garnered 1,001,380 votes, Bernie Sanders fell short with just 966,536 votes.

Hillary Clinton wins in Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina

2016-03-16 00:57:42 - Hillary Clinton scored three big wins on the March 25 primaries as she prevailed in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina. That widened her lead over Bernie Sanders, who is yet to win any primary on Tuesday. Both Florida and Ohio were important for the Democratic front-runner because winning them would have ensured a good number of delegates on her side. Her wins in these three states could mean that she is well on her way to winning the party's nominations.

Hillary Clinton wins Northern Mariana Islands caucus

2016-03-13 01:56:57 - The US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, snatched an impressive win in the Northern Mariana Islands Democratic caucus by winning 54 per cent of the vote as against 34 percent by Bernie Sanders. According to reports, Clinton collected four pledged delegates, while Sanders had to settle for two pledged delegates. In all, Clinton received 102 votes and Sanders got 65.

Sanders wins Michigan Democratic Primary

2016-03-09 06:40:41 - Senator Bernie Sanders pulled off a victory in the Michigan primary today and picked up the majority of delegates. It was a must-win situation for him to remain in the Democratic race. A surprise victory is in the step towards upsetting Hillary Clinton's plans to surge ahead of him in the presidential race. The victory came ahead of the major primaries in Ohio and Florida on March 15.

Hillary wins Mississippi Democratic primary

2016-03-09 01:13:50 - Hillary Clinton secured her first victory on Tuesday after winning the Mississippi Democratic primary. Her win is likely to dampen the spirit of her rival Berne Sanders. Sanders has been doing a spirited campaign for the last couple of weeks and still has been able to make enough dent in Clinton’s delegate count.

Bernie Sanders defeats Hillary Clinton in Maine caucuses

2016-03-07 02:25:34 - Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton in the Maine caucuses. As per reports, of the 80 percent votes counted, Sanders is polling 64 percent, while Hillary Clinton 36 percent.

Super Saturday: Bernie Sanders wins in Nebraska

2016-03-06 02:52:20 - Bernie Sanders won the Nebraska Democratic caucus edging past his rival Hillary Clinton. He ended up with 55 per cent votes as against Hillary Clinton's 45 per cent. Though Sanders will pick up more delegates than Clinton, yet it won’t make much dent into Clinton’s overall delegate count.

Hillary Clinton wins Louisiana Primary

2016-03-06 02:23:52 - Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic presidential primary in Louisiana. The former secretary of state was expected to dominate in Louisiana because of its large African-American vote.  Counting of votes for Nebraska is still on.

Bernie wins big in Kansas Democratic caucuses

2016-03-06 02:09:40 - Bernie Sanders got the first win of the night in the Kansas Democratic caucuses.  According to reports, he could also win big in Louisiana and Nebraska. Sanders’s win is important as it gives him the momentum ahead of the Michigan Democratic primary on Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton wins Massachusetts; Bernie Sanders gets Colorado and Minnesota

2016-03-02 05:07:55 - Hillary Clinton has added another state to her list. The Democrat has won Massachusetts, while her rival, Bernie Sanders has won Colorado and Minnesota. Of the 11 states, Hillary Clinton has won in seven states, while Bernie Sanders in four.

Mendota Heights reports a turnout of 5,000

2016-03-02 03:54:36 - Mendota Heights, a city in Minnesota, witnessed a high turnout. As per reports, around 5,000 people came to vote for the Democratic caucuses here. The high turnout was unexpected as coordinators were left short of 1,500 ballots. Though as of 9 pm, the votes had not been fully tabulated, but the results are expected to be close.

Bernie Sanders wins Oklahoma’s Democratic primary

2016-03-02 02:56:25 - Bernie Sanders has won the Oklahoma’s Democratic primary. With this, Bernie Sanders has achieved victory in two states. Sanders had earlier won in Vermont. With Hillary Clinton having won six states, this is a crucial victory for Bernie Sanders as it shows that he has not lost the momentum.

Massachusetts: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders locked in close contest

2016-03-02 02:40:54 - Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are currently locked in a close contest in Massachusetts. As per the latest reports, Clinton is leading over Sanders with a margin of 3.55 percent. Hillary Clinton has 51.15 percent of the votes, while Sanders is closely following behind with 47.60 percent.

Hillary Clinton wins in Texas

2016-03-02 02:23:42 - As per reports coming in, Hillary Clinton has added a sixth state to her list of victories. Clinton has won the Democratic contest in Texas. The African American and Hispanic voters have played a great role in Clinton’s victory in the state.

Hillary Clinton addresses supporters in Miami

2016-03-02 02:20:17 - Hillary Clinton, who has won in five states, addressed her supporters in Miami. The media quoted the Democrat as saying that "America prospers when we all prosper. America is strong when we're all strong. And we know we've got work to do. But that work is not to make America great again."

Hillary Clinton wins Arkansas Democratic primary

2016-03-02 01:48:46 - According to reports, Hillary Clinton has won the Arkansas Democratic primary. It was expected that Hillary Clinton would do well in Arkansas, as she was its First Lady. Also, the state has a large African-American population. The African American population has in large numbers supported Hillary Clinton in Nevada caucuses and the South Carolina primary.

Hillary Clinton wins in Alabama and Tennessee

2016-03-02 01:27:48 - Hillary Clinton has swept through the South. As per reports, the Democrat has won the Alabama and Tennessee primary contests.

Sanders addresses crowd after victory in Vermont

2016-03-02 01:07:22 - After his victory in Vermont, Bernie Sanders addressed a cheering crowd. Media reports quoted Sanders as saying that "We can all agree that we're not going to allow billionaires and Super PACs to destroy American democracy".

Hillary Clinton wins Georgia Democratic primary

2016-03-02 00:37:51 - According to reports, Hillary Clinton has won Georgia’s Democratic primary. She was expected to win in Georgia. African American voters turned out in large numbers to vote. Clinton had earlier received strong support from African American voters in Nevada and South Carolina.  

Clinton wins in Virginia, Sanders in Vermont

2016-03-02 00:13:22 - As per the latest reports coming in, Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic primary election in Virginia. Meanwhile, her rival Bernie Sanders has won the primary in Vermont, which is his home state.

Hillary Clinton seems poised to dominate in many states

2016-03-02 00:05:35 - Democrat and former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, seems to be poised to dominate in many of the Super Tuesday states. These also include the south where she has received support from the black voters. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is the overwhelming favorite in his home state of Vermont where a victory seems guaranteed.

High voter turnout expected in Alabama and Massachusetts

2016-03-01 23:40:40 - The voter turnout in Alabama is expected to be high. John H Merrill, Secretary of State, said that they had anticipated a turnout between 38 percent to 42 percent, but it looks as if it is going to be higher than expected.  Meanwhile in Massachusetts too the turnout this year could cross the 2008 record for the number of voters in a presidential primary which was 1.88 million.

Hillary has an advantage over Bernie

2016-03-01 23:06:32 - With 11 states up for grabs in the Super Tuesday, the latest polls indicate that Hillary Clinton is expected to win in 10 out of the 11 primaries and caucuses. It has been reported that Texas and Georgia are calling the race with a spread of 30 and 37 percent in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

Hillary Clinton drums up support from Minnesotans

2016-03-01 22:43:43 - As Minnesota prepares for its state presidential caucuses, Democrat Hillary Clinton tried to get support from Minnesotans. The presidential candidate criticized the insult-filled campaigning of the Republicans.

Super Tuesday: Bernie Sanders has an Edge Over Hillary, Reveals Latest Poll

2016-03-01 17:31:39 - According to the latest CNN/ORC poll, Hillary Clinton may not be the Democrats’ best bet in the 2016 Presidential election because Bernie Sanders has an edge over her. It may betray the conventional wisdom, but that's what the poll reveals. The survey further indicated that Sanders is the only candidate seen favorably by most voters. He has got the most positive favorability rating with 60 per cent of registered voters viewing him positively.

Super Tuesday: Clinton Promotes Mobile Service to Help Voters Find Polling Stations

2016-03-01 16:41:11 - In a bid to help voters on Super Tuesday to locate polling stations via text messages, a mobile service has been launched. Voters need to message their full address to 47246 to get the full address for the closest polling station and voting hours. Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton has been promoting the service on Twitter as states began voting in primaries.

Super Tuesday: Sanders Strikes Early, wins New Zealand

2016-03-01 15:48:03 - Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders secured his first win of Super Tuesday. He won 21 of the 28 votes cast in Wellington, New Zealand. Democratic expatriates staying abroad took to the polls today. In fact, Democrats in 41 countries are slated to cast votes today.

Sanders campaign raises around $6 million in a day

2016-03-01 09:26:20 - The campaign of Democrat Bernie Sanders raised approximately $6 million today. As per reports, this brings it to $42 million in contribution for February.

Democrats gear up for Super Tuesday

2016-03-01 06:52:16 - Democrats are gearing up for Super Tuesday and polls are indicating that it is going to be a very good one for Hillary Clinton. The Democrat frontrunner, while campaigning in Massachusetts and Virginia, said the Republican opponents were behaving like grade schoolers. The latest CBS News battleground tracker shows that Clinton is leading Sanders by 28 points in Georgia, 24 points in Texas and 20 points in Virginia.

Meg Whitman says Donald Trump is unfit to be US President

2016-02-29 09:36:50 - The head of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co Meg Whitman said has said that Republican Donald Trump was unfit for U.S presidency. She also criticized Chris Christie, New Jersey Governor, for endorsing Donald Trump. According to media reports, Donald Trump got another endorsement from U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama.