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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - September 10, 2012

Obama woos Florida voters over Medicare

President Barack Obama has warned senior citizens during a campaign stop in Florida that Republicans will increase their healthcare costs.

Speaking to a crowd of 3,000 supporters at the Florida Institute of Technology on Sunday, Obama slammed his Republican opponent Mitt Romney over his plans for Medicare, the healthcare program for the elderly.

Two years ago, Romney's running mate, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, proposed a plan that would turn Medicare into a program which would see recipients use vouchers to buy private insurance.

"Here's the bottom line: Their voucher plan for Medicare would bankrupt Medicare. Our plan strengthens Medicare," Obama said,

He cited a report that indicated costs for the program would increase significantly as a result of the Republicans' proposals.

With 17.6 percent of Florida’s population over the age of 65, more than four percentage points over the national average, the Obama campaign sees the Medicare issue as a winner in the crucial swing state.

The Democratic incumbent wrapped up a two-day bus tour of the battleground state after making targeted appeals to the independents, Latinos and senior citizens, all specific voting blocs he needs on his side ahead of the November 6 presidential elections.

He bought lunch at a Cuban restaurant on Saturday to court the Hispanic community and spent Sunday campaigning with former Republican Governor Charlie Crist to attract independents.