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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - October 7, 2012

Obama still more liked than Romney despite poor debate performance

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's strong debate performance has done little to convince voters he understands them or is a "good person".

With less than a month to go before the November 6 election, Romney has narrowed President Barack Obama's overall poll lead, according to a Reuters/Ipsos survey released on Saturday.

However, the Democratic incumbent still leads when it comes to character attributes that can win over undecided voters.

Romney improved in some areas, but not at Obama's expense despite the Democrat’s lukewarm performance in the first presidential debate on Wednesday.

When who they will vote for in November in the online survey, Obama maintained his marginal 2 percentage point lead over Romney among likely voters, 47 to 45 percent.

The gap was unchanged from Friday, when Obama led by 46 to 44 percent in the tracking poll.

His lead was 6 percentage points before the two rivals went head-to-head in Denver, Colorado.

Meanwhile, 47 percent of registered voters regarded Obama as "a good person," compared with 31 percent who felt the same about Romney.

Forty-three percent felt Obama "understands people like me," compared with 31 percent who felt that way about Romney, the former Massachusetts governor and wealthy businessman who has come under fire for failing to connect with average Americans.