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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - November 5, 2012

Obama, Romney remain tied, poll

The race for the White House continued to remain in essentially a dead heat ahead of Tuesday’s presidential election, according to a Reuters/Ipsos daily tracking poll released on Sunday.

However, President Barack Obama managed to eke out a marginal lead over Republican candidate Mitt Romney in the key swing state of Ohio,

Nationally, of the 3,805 polled likely voters, 48 percent said they would vote for Democratic incumbent Obama compared to 47 who favored sided Romney, a former Massachusetts governor.

The results were similar across several swing states seen as determining the outcome of the election such as Virginia, Colorado and Florida.

However, in Ohio, which has 18 electoral votes, Obama had 48 percent compared to Romney's 44 percent.

In Sunday's poll, they were tied in Colorado, which has nine electoral votes, and in Florida, which has 29, they were at 48 percent and 46 percent respectively.

In Virginia, which has 13 electoral votes, Obama maintained a slim lead of 47 percent to Romney's 46 percent among likely voters.

A total of 270 electoral college votes are needed to win the elections.