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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - November 6, 2012

Obama on course to win, UK poll

President Barack Obama is expected win the popular vote by two percent while beating Republican rival Mitt Romney in most of the battleground states, according to a British YouGov survey of 36,000 American voters.

The election has been touted as a very close contest but Obama is predicted in the poll to take almost two-thirds of the electoral college votes in the nine states seen as likely to determine the outcome.

YouGov carried out the poll in 27 U.S. states.

Obama held a clear advantage in the last day of campaigning with 237 guaranteed electoral college votes to Romney's 191.

A minimum of 270 electoral college votes is needed for victory.

Though Obama is predicted to win the elections, the poll suggests it will be a less convincing victory in comparison to 2008. He is expected to secure 303 electoral college votes compared to the 365 he took four years.