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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - September 21, 2012

Obama beats Romney in campaign donations for August

President Barack Obama and his Democratic Party had nearly $88.8 million to spend on the final leg of the campaign, nearly twice as much as Republican rival Mitt Romney, according to campaign fundraising reports released Thursday.

Romney raised nearly $67 million in August and spent nearly as much, according to his filings with the Federal Election Commission.

Though Romney's report showed he had $50.4 million to spend as of August 31, 2012, he also owes $15 million on a $20 million loan taken that month.

The loan was used to help Romney pay for mailings, staff salaries and TV advertising and also helped his finances appear healthier on paper.

Obama spent nearly all of the $84.8 million he raised in August but he ended the month with nearly $89 million in cash reserves.

In August alone, Obama spent more than $68 million on television commercials, online ads and other media expenses, nearly twice as much as Romney’s spending on media.

Meanwhile, reports filed show the Romney campaign had 403 people on the payroll in August, up from 326 a month earlier. Obama employed 900 people last month.

Overall, the Democratic Party raised about $114 million in August, beating $111.6 million haul by Romney and his Republicans.