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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - September 9, 2012

Obama attracts biggest convention TV audience, sets Twitter record

President Barack Obama's acceptance speech on Thursday night attracted the largest television audience of this year's political conventions and was ranked as the biggest political moment ever on microblogging site Twitter.

More than 35.7 million people tuned in to watch Obama formally accept the Democratic Party’s nomination for president, according to Nielsen ratings data.

Obama's audience was only slightly lower from his 2008 acceptance speech, which attracted 38.4 million viewers.

Around 30.3 million people watched Republican candidate Mitt Romney's speech last week.

Meanwhile on Twitter, the number of tweets about the Democratic National Convention surpassed figures from the Republican National Convention a week earlier.

The Obama campaign has made it a point to use social media to reach young voters. Thursday night's speech was divided into seven-minute sections that made it ideal for Web distribution.

Obama’s speech resulted in 52,756 tweets per minute just after it ended, a new record according to Twitter.

The Democratic convention's final day generated 4 million tweets, nearly equal to the total number of tweets for the entire Republican convention.