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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - September 30, 2012

Obama and Romney prepare for debates

President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney have been preparing for Wednesday’s debate this weekend, leaving their running mates to campaign in key swing states.

GOP running mate Paul Ryan made the case for a Mitt Romney presidency on Saturday in New Hampshire.

"We have got to stop spending money we don't have," he told supporters.

Vice President Joe Biden campaigned in swing state Florida, where he argued that the Obama administration had inherited trillion-dollar deficits from the Bush administration.

"They put two wars on a credit card. Not paying a penny, not paying a penny," said Biden.

The first of three presidential debates will take place on October 3 in Denver, Colorado.

Both sides have been trying to lower expectations by praising their opponents.

A Romney advisor said the president had the advantage as "one of the most talented political communicators in modern history."

Meanwhile, the Obama campaign said Romney had the edge, having debated some two dozen times during the Republican primary campaign.

The live TV audience for the first Obama-Romney debate is expected to be around 60 million.