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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - November 5, 2012

New Jersey governor to vote for Romney despite praising Obama

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie defended his praise for President Barack Obama after superstorm Sandy on Sunday but said he would side with his fellow Republicans and vote for Mitt Romney in Tuesday's election.

"I endorsed Mitt Romney 13 months ago because I thought he was the best guy for the job," Christie said during a news conference.

However, support for Romney does not mean that he cannot appreciate the "good job" that Obama did in response to the storm that battered the U.S. Northeast last week, Christie said.

Christie, a popular governor seen as a possible Republican presidential contender in 2016, had irked some in the Romney campaign who felt he had given a boost to Obama, a Democrat.

"If the president of United States comes here, and he's willing to help my people, and he does it, then I'm gonna say nice things about him because he's earned it," Christie told Israel's Channel 2 television, referring to Obama's pledge of federal aid to help his state recover from the storm.