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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - February 23, 2016

Nevada Primary on February 23

On February 23, Nevada will hold its Republican primary. Once again people are gearing up to know where their favorite candidates stand and who drops out. The primary, which will be held on the night of February 23, will see Republican candidates putting across their views. The Nevada primary will put the spotlight on Donald Trump who won a spectacular victory in the New Hampshire Primary and the South Carolina Primary, which saw the exit of Jeb Bush from the US Presidential race. Ted Cruz, who had won the initial Iowa Caucuses on February 9 by trumping Trump, is the other candidate to look out for. Marco Rubio, who was at the third place in the Iowa Caucuses, the second in the South Carolina primary and fifth in New Hampshire, will also attract a lot of attention. Some other candidates include John Kasich and Ben Carson.