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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - October 3, 2012

Michelle Obama visits Ohio as early voting opens

First Lady Michelle Obama urged supporters to back her husband as early voting began on Tuesday in the battleground state of Ohio.

The Democrats currently enjoy a lead in opinion polls in the key electoral state.

"Are we going to just sit back and watch everything we worked for and fought for just slip away?" she asked a crowd of 6,800 in Cincinnati.

As President Barack Obama focuses on the debate against Republican rival Mitt Romney, the First Lady hit the campaign trail for the Democrats.

She insisted that supporters head to their local election office and cast their ballots 35 days before the main voting day of November 6.

"All of our hard work, all the progress that we made, it is all on the line this November," she said. "Here in Ohio, it is already Election Day."

Early voting formed a large part of Obama's success in 2008. Nearly a quarter of the 133 million people who voted that year had cast their ballots before Election Day.

According to previous polls, Democratic voters across several swing states are more likely than Republicans to vote ahead of time.

Obama won Ohio in 2008, beating Republican John McCain in the cities of Cincinnati and Columbus.

Political analysts suggest Ohio's improving economy has favored Obama. The state's unemployment rate is 7.2 percent, below the national average of 8.3 percent.

It will be difficult for Romney to win the election without Ohio, where the Obama-backed government bailout of the auto industry saved thousands of jobs.

No Republican has ever won the White House without carrying the state.