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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - September 20, 2012

Michelle Obama urges young people in North Carolina to vote

First Lady Michelle Obama urged young voters on Wednesday to vote as she praised her husband President Barack Obama as an inclusive leader with compassion for all Americans.

"As president, you have to be driven by the struggles, hopes and dreams of all the people you serve," Michelle Obama told the 3,000-strong crowd gathered at a rally in Durham, stressing on the word "all."

"As president, you truly need a strong inner compass, you know, a core commitment to your fellow citizens," she said. "That's how you make the right decisions for this country."

Though the First Lady did not mention GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney or his Republican party during two college campus rallies in North Carolina, her message was a stark contrast with the recently-released secretly filmed video of Romney telling supporters at a fundraiser that 47 percent of Americans do not "take personal responsibility" and " believe that they are victims.”

Romney admitted in the video that he was not reaching out to those voters because he cannot win their vote.

Michelle Obama also encouraged the college students to make use of the state's early voting, which begins next month.