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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - November 2, 2012

Memphis library cards to be accepted as photo ID for vote

The Tennessee Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that voters would be allowed to use Memphis library cards as photo identification in the November 6 election, dealing a blow to Republicans who wanted only ID issued by the federal and state governments to be allowed.

Tennessee is one of a number of states that have passed laws requiring voters to show photo ID.

Republicans claim they are targeting voter fraud, which the Democrats, with support from several studies, say is almost non-existent.

The Tennessee law came into took effect at the start of the year and requires people to show a driver's license, state-issued handgun carry permit, a U.S. passport or another form of government-issued ID to vote. Student IDs are not accepted.

Memphis, which is a heavily Democratic city in the otherwise primarily Republican state, filed a lawsuit in July claiming the law would disenfranchise voters who had other valid government-issued IDs.

Memphis is the only place in the state where identification other than that issued by the state or federal government will be accepted.