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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - February 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders argue in Democratic debate

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders participated in the PBD ‘Newshour’ Democratic debate that was simulcast on CNN and was the first time the rivals met since the victory of Sanders in the New Hampshire primary. Though the bitterness that marked earlier forums was missing this time; however, the final moments of the debate did see some anger and aggression from both the candidates. Hillary Clinton, who wanted rival Bernie Sanders to know that she had Barack Obama’s backing, accused him of not supporting the President. She made the statement after Sanders had endorsed a book authored by Bill Press, CNN contributor, which was critical of Obama. Meanwhile, Sanders countered Clinton’s allegation by saying that though Obama was his friend it did not mean that he had to support him on every matter. Sanders took a jibe at Clinton, by referring to the fact that one of them had contested against Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential race and he was not that candidate. But one of the most interesting part of the debate was when Sanders said to Clinton that she was not in the White House yet.