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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - September 6, 2012

Former president Bill Clinton backs incumbent Barack Obama

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton delivered a strong defence of Barack Obama on Wednesday, as the he nominated the incumbent for a second term in the White House.

His 50-minute speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina heavily criticized Republican economic plans as he supported Obama’s policies, saying they were working.

He compared Obama's experience to his own first term in office, when "our policies were working and the economy was growing but most people didn't feel it yet".

"No president, not me or any of my predecessors, could have repaired all the damage in just four years," he said. "But conditions are improving and if you'll renew the president's contract you will feel it."

Clinton also slated Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan, who was accused of misrepresenting Obama's healthcare program for the elderly at last week's Republican convention in Florida.

He argued that Ryan had made the same cuts as part of his plan for the Medicare policy.

Political pundits view Clinton's speech as an attempt to boost Obama's appeal with white working-class voters.

Polls indicate traditional Democratic voters are wary of Obama but firmly back Clinton.

After the former president finished his speech, Obama joined him on stage to a roaring applause from the crowd.

In the past, the two men have been at loggerheads, most notably during the 2008 primaries when Clinton supported his wife Hillary's bid for the nomination, and they are known to not share a close personal bond.