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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - August 31, 2012

Condoleezza Rice attacks Obama over foreign policy

Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice condemned President Barack Obama’s leadership during her speech at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday.

Her appearance in Tampa, Florida marked her return to the national stage since leaving the State Department and saw her criticize Obama's handling of uprisings in the Middle East, state that the United States was lagging behind China in international trade and that the country had failed to progress towards energy independence under the Democrat, whom she did not mention by name.

For much of the presidential campaign season, foreign policy has been overshadowed by the candidates’ focus on the troubled economy.

"We cannot be reluctant to lead," said Rice, who served as secretary of state in President George W. Bush's administration. "And you cannot lead from behind. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan understand this reality, that our leadership abroad and our well-being at home are inextricably linked."

Rice was one of several speakers chosen to assure voters of a solid handling of foreign policy under Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts, and his vice presidential running mate, Paul Ryan, a Wisconsin congressman.

Romney's critics say that in slamming Obama's record, he has failed to highlight his own plans for handling international affairs.

Rice has largely avoided politics since leaving the State Department in 2009 and has maintained that she is not interested in elected office.

However, she has played an increasing role in politics this year, campaigning for Romney and other Republican candidates.