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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - September 4, 2012

Charlotte prepares for protests at Democratic convention

Protestors have descended on Charlotte, North Carolina ahead of the Democratic National Convention.

The rallies that were planned outside the Republican National Convention last week in Tampa, Florida, failed to materialize due to the threat of Hurricane Isaac.

Unlike Tampa, Charlotte officials will be dealing with the arrival of a sitting president, as well as key convention events being held at two venues instead of one.

The convention starts on Tuesday at the Time Warner Cable Arena, which seats about 20,000.

On Thursday, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will speak at the 74,000-capacity Bank of America Stadium.

Charlotte has received a $50 million federal grant to help cover security costs.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has nearly doubled in size to close to 4,000 by bringing in law enforcement from other jurisdictions.

Around 2,000 members of the state's National Guard will also be on standby to assist with security if required.

The city has also set up a designated parade route and speakers platform as "free speech" areas for demonstrators during the Democratic convention.