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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - November 1, 2012

Biden slates Romney car ad

Vice President Joe Biden unloaded a barrage of criticism against a Mitt Romney campaign ad claiming that American automakers are planning to move manufacturing overseas to China.

Promising to give his Sarasota audience "the whole load" of his GOP critique, Biden described the Jeep ad as “one of the most flagrantly dishonest ads I can ever remember in my political career.”

The ad has been widely disputed by fact checkers and by auto companies themselves.

"All my time I have never heard an American corporation in the waning hours of the campaign engage with that kind of description of what a presidential candidate's doing," Biden said after quoting a General Motors statement that labelled the ad as “campaign politics at its cynical worst."

Responding to Biden's criticism, Romney adviser Kevin Madden said "We've got an ad out that we believe makes the case for why Gov. Romney would be stronger for the auto industry and why the auto industry's an important part of a strong economy. They've got an ad that they're using to make their case to the public, and we'll leave that with voters."

Biden went on to say the ad had led to autoworkers in Ohio questioning the security of their jobs and called on United Auto Workers representatives to ask if its allegations were true.

"Folks, the president's job is not to show confusion," he said. "It's to plant the seeds of confidence."

The ad appeared on the airwaves last week claiming that Chrysler was considering making Jeeps in China.

The Obama camp released its own ad in response and was quick to point out that Romney was making a "false claim", noting that Chrysler had challenged the statement.

The auto industry has been a key contentious campaign issue between Obama, who approved the largest portion of an $84 billion government bailout of Chrysler and General Motors, and his Republican rival Romney, who has argued against the rescue effort while at the same time claiming he helped to save the two makers by demanding a “structured” bankruptcy.