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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - October 18, 2012

Ad spending exceeds $800 million

Ad spending in the presidential campaign has surpassed the $800 million mark and is set to reach to $1 billion, according to an NBC analysis of data provided by ad-buying firm SMG Delta.

So far, $807 million has been spent on political ads for radio and television.

The Obama campaign is estimated to have spent around $352 million while the Romney camp has spent $455 million.

More than half of the money has been spent in the key swing states of Florida ($166 million), Ohio ($160 million) and Virginia ($126 million).

Colorado sits at number four with $72 million, followed by North Carolina with $69 million total.

Iowa comes in next at $62 million, followed by Nevada ($49 million), New Hampshire ($34 million) and Wisconsin ($32 million).