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US Election Updates 2016

2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - August 28, 2012

Clooney attends Obama fundraiser in Switzerland

George Clooney attended what has been touted as the U.S. Democratic Party's biggest fundraising event abroad aimed at helping President Barack Obama win re-election.

The… Read More →

Senator Portman to play Obama in Romney debate prep

Republican Mitt Romney has chosen Senator Rob Portman of Ohio to play the role of President Barack Obama in debate preparations.

Romney and Obama are… Read More →

Republicans showcase Romney as Isaac overshadows convention

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has arrived in Tampa to join fellow Republicans looking to make the most out of their shortened convention and prevent his… Read More →

Obama, Romney dispute private-sector's role in education

Over the past week on the campaign trail, President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney made education a key talking point.

In a… Read More →

Obama campaign seeks to 'divide America', says Romney

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has alleged his rival President Barack Obama is running a campaign built on "anger and divisiveness".

Romney said the Democratic… Read More →

Ron Paul celebrated at marathon farewell rally

Thousands of Ron Paul supporters were undeterred by Tropical Storm Isaac on Sunday and took part in a marathon rally in Tampa to celebrate the… Read More →

Republican convention to start on Tuesday despite Tropical Storm Isaac

The Republican Party, which was forced to delay the start of a national convention in Tampa, Florida, by a day due to Tropical Storm Isaac,… Read More →

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