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2016 Presidential Election

US Election Updates - March 22, 2016

5 US Presidential Election Candidates get candid on CNN

All the remaining U.S. presidential Elections Candidates appeared on CNN yesterday night to offer their take on multiple issues ranging from their own political futures to the existing foreign policy. As per the CNN interviews, Donald Trump remarked that the U.S. must rethink its involvement in NATO simply because the defense alliance consumes a large amount of capital. He expressed his displeasure in making disproportionate payments to NATO.

Yet another contestant, Hillary Clinton argued that Donald Trump’s character and behavior didn’t make him eligible for the post of commander in chief. The former secretary of state also accused Trump of urging supports to indulge in protests. Next there was Ted Cruz who made a bold statement that the Obama administration had been unsuccessful in living up to the agreement with Ukraine for securing its territorial integrity made after the end of Cold War. Further, he also condemned Barack Obama’s visit to Cuba.

Bernie Sanders was the next candidate who showcased his consent on United States working with both sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. On the contrary, he also expressed disapproval of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s behavior. The last presidential election candidate to speak his heart out on CNN was John Kasich. He emphasized the significance of having NATO and the need for strengthening it to ensure that the Russian President Vladimir Putin gets it clear that the U.S. would be arming the Ukrainians in their fight for freedom.